Some of my main technical highlights


Having started learning HTML when I was 11 years old, this is something I quickly conquered and have full knowledge of HTML5 to a very high standard with full W3C, accessibility and SEO consideration


I've been working with CSS for many years now and am clued up with CSS3. I work in SASS using the usual features such as mixins, variables etc to my advantage. This is always compiled and minified for optimal page load speeds


I have predominantly worked with jQuery in particular for the last 3 years but also have a good grasp of vanilla Javascript to help enhance the usability and feel of my productions


One of my absolute favourite aspects of front-end development, I am very good at ensuring that a site looks brilliant at all screen sizes. Designing with a mobile-first mindset, I like to make the experience on a smartphone screen extremely intuitive and fun to use


I started with Bootstrap 3 and quickly learned its great advantages to help build a front-end very quickly to get it running and functional in minimal time with great standards and features - I have now started working with Bootstrap 4

Angular, Laravel

Something that I have had my eye on for a while, I have now started learning these so that I can start using them in a commercial environment to build some great front-ends. I am currently using Laravel on a project at the moment (Ultimate Ear)


Having worked with PHP/MySQL for years, I understand it to a good degree and have worked with it all many times to help integrate the front-end with the back-end. I am very good with understanding it and manipulating code to my advantage


I have built a few sites on Wordpress over the years, unfortunately most are now offline or not quite worth showing, but can provide URLs to a couple if needed. I built them from scratch so am able to produce a custom design, tweak an existing one, and configure a full site


These are aspects that I take into great consideration in my code - I am aware of the usual aspects related to it and how to use them to produce code that is very well SEO-optimised and also optimal for accessibility such as on screen readers etc


The Adobe suite is something that I've been using for many years now, mainly Photoshop. Many a time I have designed website layouts and graphical assets, so I am well experienced in front-end design/wireframing and producing banners, logos, etc


With my great interest in human psychology, system usability and great user experience, this is a topic I first started studying and learning in university and is a very important factor to me which I have a significant amount of knowledge in


All developers rely on versioning systems and I first started working with SVN and moved on to GIT about 3 years ago. Sourcetree makes it very easy to use and helps ensure that strong progress is made without conflict in teams!


Recent noteworthy projects in which I was heavily involved


Full site design and development with the addition of responsive design

The Watch Hut

UX input, code improvement, and system integration

Ultimate Ear

Front end design and development to match client's exact requirements

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